Vocal Resonance is a Transformational Vocal Program that focuses on the connection to your own voice. It’s designed to bring you into resonance with the power you hold in your singing and speaking by connecting to your heart and essence and using your voice as a tool for powerful and authentic creative expression; which will simultaneously translate into the way you communicate, how you show up through the resonance of your voice, and many others areas of your life. You will release fears, traumas, or blocks around your voice that has kept you feeling small, limited, or shut down. You will unlock the true potential of your singing and speaking voice, live from an empowered place, deepen your relationship, and be able to write music from your own heart and soul! PLUS, you will learn techniques on how to heal and align your own body; mental, emotional, spiritual state, and tools on how to receive the manifestations your heart desires!! This program includes aspects of the body, mind, heart, and soul. It's about who you become in the process. It will transform you, like it has for so many others.


"Larisa's program was transformational for me in so many ways. For one, she made me feel more free and more comfortable than ever before to freestyle sing; she was so encouraging throughout the process and I was able to come up with lyrics and melodies I didn't know I had inside of me! Larisa knows so many incredible exercises to help strengthen the voice. I would leave each lesson feeling so happy with my voice while singing during my car ride home. During the program, I for the first time felt truly consistently comfortable singing in front of others (with friends and at events), and so many opportunities popped up as a result of that. Larisa is so kind and supportive, a pleasure to work with, and she is also insanely talented, which makes her inspiring to be around!"

-Shazieh Shah


So.......If you are ready to:

*Empower your voice*

*Open your creative expression*

*Release limiting beliefs/trauma/blocks around your throat chakra*

*Learn Vocal Manifestation Tools*

*Open Your Channel*

*Experience a powerful and supportive container*

And *Have fun!*


More Details:

Throughout 3.5 months, we will gather in an online supportive group container, where you will gain the following:

*Understanding and gaining a deeper connection to your voice. 
*Tools, tips, tricks, techniques to singing and breathing properly. 
*Expanding your range 
*Vocal connection exercises. 
*Harmony training. 
*Opening and tuning your ear. 
*Precision training. 
*Vowel placement. 
*Knowing your unique sound. 
*Trusting your voice. 
*Songwriting- Write from your own heart! 
*Vocal Sound Healing Techniques (For yourself and/or facilitation) 
*Shamanic Techniques
*Manifestation exercises and techniques. 
*Performance Techniques for Singing or Speaking. 
*Hypnosis for Confidence, Performance, or Recording Studio. 
*Hypnosis for releasing negative belief systems and/or trauma around the voice.


Option to include One-on-One Sessions with me!


*Discount on Vocal Resonance Retreat, Exclusive to Vocal Resonance Members Only.

*Location TBA

Module Examples 

Each week we build on top of the previous week. 
There will be lots of individual sharing time throughout all the exercises and group connection. 
Every module is recorded, so if you miss one, you can tune into the replay! 

Module 1 Example 
Meet & Greet  
he Foundations for Success 

*We will get acquainted with each other, receive the foundational technical exercises 
and discover how to set yourself up for success in this course and with your vocal journey 

 Module Example 
The Power of Sounding, Affirmational Entrainment   
& Technical Warm-Up Exercises 

*Learn how to use sound to transmute stuck emotion or energy by getting attuned to your 
energetic field. Learn how to use raw sound to communicate. Discover WHY entrainment is 
SO POWERFUL and how you can use it in your daily life with affirmations. 
Plus, learn the basics of how to properly warm up your voice! 

 Module Example 
Re-writing your Vocal Story, Light Language 
& Vocal Techniques 
 *That story that you have- that you're not good enough or you don't sound nice... 
or maybe  the fear you experience of being heard/seen/witnessed? This is where you LET THAT ISH GO and 
implement and integrate a more empowering story, so you can reclaim the truth of your birthright to sing. And, learn how 
to speak “light language”- THE LANGUAGE OF YOUR SOUL! Plus, more technical exercises to strengthen the voice. 

Module Example 
Opening Your Channel 
& Vocal Techniques 

*Learn how to move into flow state by getting out of your own way and opening your creative channel, 
plus more vocal techniques to discover your authentic sound. 

Module Example 
Songwriting Success & Sing From Your Soul
*Learn how to write from your own heart and soul and how to sing from that place EVERY TIME. <3

Module Example 
Vocal Manifestation Tools , Rhythm and Entrainment
& Vocal Techniques 

*Learn how to use your singing voice to manifest your pure desires as a co-creator by the 
power of music and entrainment, plus more vocal techniques for exploration.

Module Example
Vocal Sound Healing
Learn how to use your voice to heal/align all aspects of you and how to
use it for others in group or 1-1 facilitation.

And MORE! <3


Membership Options

1Vocal Resonance Membership: 

*11 LIVE Group Call Modules  
*Recorded Technical Practice Sessions  
*Unlimited Access for Questions Outside of Group Calls   
*Private Facebook Group  
*Accountability Partner  
*Home-Sing Assignments   
*10% Discount to Group Weekend Retreat & Showcase 
(Location TBA)

Vocal Resonance VIP

*11 LIVE Group Call Modules  
*Recorded Technical Practice Sessions  
*Unlimited Access for Questions Outside of Group Calls   
*Private Facebook Group  
*Accountability Partner  
*Home-Sing Assignments   
*20% Discount to Group Weekend Retreat & Showcase 
(Location TBA)


*3  Individual Sessions for laser focused individualized support

 ****Limited Spaces*****


Vocal Resonance VIP ELITE

*11 LIVE Group Call Modules  
*Recorded Technical Practice Sessions  
*Unlimited Access for Questions Outside of Group Calls   
*Private Facebook Group  
*Accountability Partner  
*Home-Sing Assignments   
*25% Discount to Group Weekend Retreat & Showcase 
(Location TBA)


*3 Individual Sessions  
*One Day In-Person Immersion
(Location TBA)

****Limited Spaces**** 

*Practitioner Training*

If you are already a singer or a coach, 
Or you have an interest in learning how to facilitate vocal empowerment-
Fill out my contact form and put PRACTITIONER TRAINING in the notes. <3